drawing: David Francis

Poetry (2008-2018)

print journals

  • Avocet
  • Bellowing Ark
  • Brownstone Poets 2010
    and 2014 Anthologies
  • Carillon
  • Decanto
  • Fire
  • Light Quarterly
  • Möbius
  • Nibble
  • Pennine Platform
  • The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes:
    Anthology of Sonnets of the Early Third Millennium
  • Poetry Cornwall
  • River Poets Journal
  • Sonnetto Poesia
  • Taj Mahal Review
  • Weyfarers



Article “Utterance and Hum: The Difference Between Poem and Song” (2008) on NYCBigCityLit

Book Review “Metaphysical Free: The Poetry of Henry Grimes” (2009) on Cosmoetica

Short Story “Three Arabs” (2010) on Lekhni

Essay “On Their Salad Break” (2010) on Spilling Ink Review
Also included in the print anthology Spilling Ink: Volume I from Unbound Press

Short Story “Her Siesta” (2011) on Tertulia Magazine

Short Story “Mornings (Texas)” (2011) in Carillon, print issue 30

Short Story “The Theology Student” (2011) on Hackwriters

Short Story “The False Morning” (2011) on Writers Haven

Short Humour “Everybody’s Tired” (2012) on The Short Humour Site
Also included in the print anthology People of Few Words: Volume 4 from
The Short Humour Site

Short Story “Circumstance of Friendship” (2012) in Carillon, print issue 32

Short Story “The Comedian” (2012) on The Greensilk Journal (scroll down)

Short Story “Millie Delancey’s Quest” (2012) on Pens on Fire

Short Story “The Best Jukebox in Town” (2012) on Clever Magazine

Short Story “Halloween Triptych” (2012) on Dark Fountain Journal (scroll down)

Short Story “Towels Without Wasps” (2012) on Jenny Magazine

Short Story “The Wren” (Christmas 2012) on The Stolen Poem

Short Story “What I Owe the Thief” (2013) on NYCBigCityLit

Short Story “Witness to a Will” (2013) in Carillon, print issue 35