Lester Banger

photo: Everett B. Wilson 1961

Review of Cassette on iTunes (January 2015) by Lester Banger:

Legendary Village Folksinger’s early recordings. Ever the deadpan humorist, only David Francis would put out a CD and call it “Cassette.” True, these are cassette recordings cleaned up, but they shine a light in the attic of one of the best songwriters you’ve never heard of. A haunting voice that sounds like a ghostly shade of Paul, George and John. With Elliott Smith’s sense of intimate, late-night reverie. The recordings may be lo-fi but the singing and songwriting are of the highest fidelity. He’s the nephew of the late country singer Jim Reeves to boot. But one listen and no doubt the Beatles were much more of an influence. Heartily recommended for fans of Bill Fox’s Shelter from the Smoke. Here’s hoping his first album and its classic follow up Fake Valentine will be on iTunes soon.