David Adair

photo: Everett B. Wilson 1961

Review of Fake Valentine in “LosingToday” (December 2005)
by David Adair:

Pastoral ambient indie slides along at a stroll to give a soundtrack to an enjoyable summer, as well as being delivered with earnest grace and charm by the crisp-voiced David Francis. “Life Smiled” is a positive and thoughtful number that displays Francis’ Paul McCartney-meets-Tom McCrae vocal prowess and substantiates the decision to utilise instrumental variety. The track produces a bubbly feel-good vibe on the back of tingling instrumentals, giving off an atmospheric sound.

The pangs of rejection and the trials of everyday life are melodically and mournfully (with a trace of jazz) put under the microscope in “Reflections in the Mirror of the Life I’m Wearing,” done with true Leonard Cohen depth. The dreamy and rainbow-grabbing nature of Francis’ work shines in “Song for a Party Never Held” that contains a delightfully jazzy jam at the end to help you float away. Francis has produced a second album that meanders along at the pace of a pony ride through a country park, allowing you to take in the scenery along the way.
Review also appeared in “Glasswerk” “AngryApe” & “Damn Pest” (UK)