Charles Christian

photo: Everett B. Wilson 1961

Review of Poems in “Ink Sweat & Tears” by Charles Christian (March 2008)

This CD of poetry and music by New York poet David Francis has been sitting in my in-tray for an appallingly long time. Nothing personal David, it’s just that the last time I received a CD of poetry and music to review, it turned out to be recited by mad people – and played by mad people. Nothing could be more different than this CD. Called Poems, the poetry is good. The music is good, in a folk/acoustic style (which in some respects has the mellowness of some Steely Dan tracks). And the production values of the CD are excellent.

There are a total of 18 short poems (and equally short musical accompaniments) on the CD, all prompted by a 22-date tour of the UK he did in 2006, which gave him an opportunity to revisit the places in and around London where he used to live and write many years previously. Listening to this CD is both a relaxing and thought-provoking experience – and one I’m going to be happy to do again.